Castle Grayskull Debuts at Toy Fair!

It’s been quiet on the western front as we’ve eagerly anticipated the reveal of Castle Grayskull here at! The Castle debuted at Toy Fair over this weekend and some of the best sites on the net have reported back coverage from the show! Check out these links for the latest Grayskull news & [...]

Skeletor & Tri-Klops promote Castle Grayskull

Johnny Bilson of Johnny’s Perfect Costumes has made two videos to promote the Castle Grayskull Pre-Order. Johnny teamed up with Brian Dobson, the voice of Skeletor from the MYP MOTU cartoon, for the Skeletor video! Pretty cool!


Castle Mock-Up in Granamyr Video

Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich released a new promo video for the upcoming Granamyr oversized figure (available in December) today. Granamyr was surrounded by other large-scale items including the toddler-size Voltron, the Mattel Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, and their Castle Mock-Up. Take note of headless Mosquitor hanging by the door as well as Procrutus & Gygor [...]

Two Grown Men & a Little Castle Grayskull

I’m stealing Poe Ghostal’s title for this post because it’s too funny not to! Fan favorite Pixel Dan Eardley & Fan Contest Winner Daniel Benedict (Dans are just awesome apparently) have teamed up to make a commercial for the New Castle Grayskull!

Huge! Castle Grayskull in Foam

Step aside hoverboard! In today’s video spotlight from Toy Guru, the foam mock-up of Classics Castle Grayskull takes center stage. Appropriately, the video is titled: “MOTUC Castle Grayskull Will Be ENORMOUS!”. Indeed…

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Castle Grayskull Mock-Up in Hoverboard Video

Normally, a video displaying the Back to the Future Hover Board might not be of interest to the fine readers of CastleGrayskull.Info, but check out that giant mock-up on the desk behind Toy Guru as he shows off the Hover Board…

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NYCC 2012 Mattypalooza Panel Video

The folks at Toy News International have provided video from the Mattypalooza panel. A huge thank you to them for the video and be sure to visit TNI for the latest toy news!

The video features the full Mattypalooza Panel. For specifics regarding Castle Grayskull jump to 20:50.

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