Toy Guru Update 10/23

Toy Guru has posted three new answers in response to collector questions at Mattycollector:

Percentage Update on Castle Grayskull Preorders?

Question: Scott,

Could you give us a percentage update on the Castle Grayskull preorder? Thanks!

Toy Guru: You can see the meter that we update on the preorder page. I believe it looks to be around 42%

Secret Orb room of Castle Grayskull

Question: could you elaborate on the so-called Secret Orb room within the dome of Castle Grayskull? Does this have to do with King Grayskull and TOD Sorceress?

Toy Guru: It is a room to hold the orb that came with King Grayskull.

Scareglow’s accessory

Question: Hey, Scott, me again asking another question: Our beloved undead Karak Nul came with a relic that had the key to Castle Grayskull inside. Could you find a way to make it interact with the castle (maybe to open tne secret door)? And when it comes to a bio for the ancient ruin: how about adding a mini-comic, but only for preorders?

Toy Guru: Definately a cool idea. Nothing set yet and hopefully this is not a detail holding up anyone from pre ordering. But we will look into this!

Accounting for multiple 2013 subs?

Question: Hey TG,

Just curious – you say that the minimum preorders needed for CG has to match the 2013 sub sales. Many folks bought more than one sub to get us over the line – so realistically do you think that people who forked out a bit more to save the line would dig even deeper again for such an expensive (but, admittedly, pretty awesomely cool!) item?

Toy Guru: Realistically, no, I don’t personally think someone with say 5 2013 subs will buy 5 CGs. BUT, I also think that the Castle appeals to a more casual fan and hoping that many fans who did not buy a sub may buy a Castle and compensate for those who bought multiple subs but only one Castle.

Castle Grayskull Wall

Question: Will the two walls held together by the hinges be able to “un-hinge” like the vintage one? If so, would it be possible to have a hinge on the other side of the front wall for customers who buy more than one castle to attach a spare “non-front” side of the castle to make three walls for one castle?

Toy Guru: I honestly don’t know. At this point details like this are still unknown. Hopefully your order is not contingent on this detail!

Change shipping address for Castle Grayskull?

Question: Sorry for repeat post but did not get a response before – I want to order a CG but will be moving house towards the end of 2013 – can I order it to ship to my current address and change it later?

Toy Guru: Yes. Not a problem. The “my sub” page launching in the next few weeks will let you do this.

Can we have number and % to goal update to go along with meter artwork?

Question: As per catras response to another post, its not possible to update the artwork on the grayskull meter as quickly as we would all like, but is it possible to get a number update such as 28% to goal* artwork may not reflect actual number etc etc. I think that would make all of us happy to get at least something and putting percentages in number format is the quickest.


Toy Guru: From what I can tell, it looks like we are at about 42% ish.

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