Toy Guru Update 10/26

Toy Guru has posted some new answers in response to collector questions at Mattycollector:

Secret Orb room of Castle Grayskull follow up

Question: I’m sorry TG, I’ve got a follow up question. Does Castle Grayskull come with the orb and the orb stand or do we have to get King Grayskull and TOD Sorceress for that? Many thanks in advance.

Toy Guru: The current plan is for it to come with a new orb holder that is about 1/2 the size of the one TOD Sorceress comes with (in order to fit into the orb room) but not the orb. The Orb is exclusive to King Grayskull figure.

Castle Grayskull – Changing Credit CardsITLE

Question: A lot of people’s credit cards are going to expire between now and the end of 2013 (including mine) when Castle Grayskull ships. Will we still receive our pre-ordered Castle Grayskull’s if we change our credit cards?

Toy Guru: Yes! The new “My Sub” page lauching very soon will let you do this with ease!

Grayskull Question, after hitting goal

Question: In a previous question, I had asked if the Castle Grayskull robot; that is absent from the castle’s B-sheet; would be a figure of its own in the MOTUC line later, an I know you said not. But if it is only possible after getting alot more sales above the minimum goal… now IF mind you… IFit is possible to get it added in… Could you give us a “rough” idea of a target % “above” the minimum goal to reach for to get this figure added in as well? I ask as alot of us really would like this included for the MOTUC Grayskull, just to complete the castle

Toy Guru: Even with the bare min it may still be possible to include this. It definately won’t be a figure, but we are still heavily looking into this. We just can’t guaratnee it, but we’d like to.

Advertising for Castle Grayskull

Question: Are there any plans to advertise for Castle Grayskull other than to post on Mattycollector, Mattycollector’s Facebook page, and Mattycollector’s YouTube channel?

Toy Guru: Alas, we put all our resources into the toys and can’t afford TV advertising or other types for a line this small.

CG and Point Dread

Question: We are in a very early production state for Castle Grayskull. But when you go into design, will you make sure that IF AND WHEN you get toa possible Talon Fighter/ Point Dread in the Classics line, that it will fit onto the top of the castle just like the vintage one did and it is shown in the mini-comic? Point Dread would be one of the few vehicles with higher demand, because when CG has come out, “pimping” it with Point Dread would be very attractive for collectors. Also the Talon Fighter pilot would have his vehicle. Then you also told us, the Wind Raider will fit onto the top of the castle. Will it be at the same spot Point Dread would be or maybe on the left side, so we could add a future Point Dread without both vehicles colliding? So, to make the question short: Will you take into consideration to make the castle compatible with a possible Point Dread, without colliding with the Wind Raider? Thanks for this great toyline!

Toy Guru: Yes, we will design the Castle so that if we ever could get to a Point Dread it would fit on top like the vintage set. But no plans for a PD or Talon fighter at this time.

Castle Grayskull Key

Question: In designing and finally giving us a Classics Castle Grayskull, will any consideration be given to ScareGlow’s Key? Will it open the main door? the side door? the secret passage to the battle ledge? or possibly some other hidden doorway? or have you guys just decided to disregard it?

Toy Guru: We are looking into this. Nothing to confirm now.

Current Grayskull themometer status?

Question: Where are we at now, percentage-wise?

Toy Guru: You can see the min order mark noted on the thermometer. The red area indicates the current presell. You can figure out a “percentage” by looking atmhow close the red fill in is to the min order notation.

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