Pre-Order Incentive: Exclusive Cross-Sell Poster

With less than a week remaining, Mattel is offering up a new incentive for Castle Grayskull pre-orders in the form of a poster-sized checklist! All pre-orders already placed as well as all pre-orders through the 11/12/12 deadline and the 1/3/13 end date will also receive the poster. Click “Read More” to see the full letter from Matty regarding the new poster!

MOTU Fans,

As if the fact it’s Castle Grayskull® isn’t enough, we’re sweetening the offer with a deal even Skeletor® couldn’t resist… if we meet the 11/12/12 minimum production goal date and production moves forward, every pre-order placed between 10/16/12 and 1/3/13 will include a first-ever exclusive Masters of the Universe® Classics cross-sell poster!

Featuring all MOTUC figures released at the time of production and printed in beautiful full-color, this illustrative poster will be consistent in size to the Preternia and Subternia maps created for Club Eternia® (approximately 30”w x 20”h). You’ll want two of them – one to frame and the other to track your collection! Although some sets will be available at after pre-orders are filled, the price will be higher and they will not include this authentic collector must-have poster. The only way to get both Castle Grayskull® and the poster guaranteed is to order during the pre-order period, so don’t wait. (And if you’ve already pre-ordered, yes, you’ll get the poster, too.)

There’s only one week left to hit the target goal needed to make sure production moves forward! The original Castle Grayskull® was offered in 1981, making it over 30 years since it’s been available… don’t risk waiting another 30 years. Make sure you check out all the details, including pricing and features, and get your pre-order in right away because the pre-order minimum production goal needs to be met on November 12th at 11:59pm PT or Castle Grayskull® won’t go into production. Remember, when it comes to Castle Grayskull®, it is you who truly has the power!


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