NYCC 2012 Mattypalooza Panel Transcript

Here’s a transcript of the Castle Grayskull portion of the Mattypalooza Panel. There are some answers here about the plans for decals, how the playsets folds up, etc. that are not provided in the Mattycollector write-up.

Toy Guru: The Castle Grayskull experiment.

So it’s going to be available for pre-order if we meet the minimum, and you’ll see a meter on Mattycollector. We’re going to ship it Fall 2013. Due to the huge amount of design work, we don’t even have the resources to build a “looks like” model or even start sculpting it. So we’re going to show you a B-sheet, our blueprints.

It’s going to be $250. We know we said it’d be between $200 and $300. We settled on $250 essentially because we didn’t want to have to cost reduce it. We wanted to have enough wiggle room to put as much as we can into it. And we’ll tell you, the blueprints you’re going to see are essentially the base of what you’re going to get. We’re hoping we can put more into it. So there could always wind up being more than you see but you’re not going to see less, if that makes sense.

Audience Question: Will there be decals?

Toy Guru: I think we’re going to sculpt everything like the Wind Raider.

Alright, so the full details and additional images are going to be on the pre-sale. It’ll be Oct 16 to Nov 10th. So we’re going to have three weeks. And we need you guys, we’re gonna need your help. We’ve got to pimp this out. We need to let people know. If we don’t hit our minimum, y’know, no castle for you. So… we really need… we need about the same number of subscribers as we had for ’13 to buy a castle. Now, we know it doesn’t have to be every subscriber because we know the Castle’s going to appeal to people who might not have subscribed. Might just be casual fans that want that castle to center their collection. Alright, you’re all waiting to see it. So without further adieu.

Which version are we going to do? We know there have been a lot of castles over the years. Animated ones. The ones we made it for comic-con. Toys. Ice castles. All sorts of fun things. We’re definitely looking at the original prototype. So this is the prototype from ’81. There’s a lot of key differences between the prototype and the final. Notably, things like the minaret, the ledge, the playmat, the elongated mouth. Now, right now the playmat is not in it, but we’re looking to see if we can add that in or maybe put it on the package. But everything else that went into the prototype is kinda where we’re looking. We may not be able to get to the torture rack, but we’re looking at things like the bat jet pack and the punching bag, things that were in the original. Because we know especially the… a lot of the artwork, the comics, and the licensor kits back in the day, we’re based on this.

Alright, ready to see the blueprints? Alright, here we go, the world premiere at Mattypalooza! Here’s what we’re looking at.
Here are your first two images. You can see the scale. There’s a lot of customization. Things like the minaret being removable or the handlebars being removable. It will be two-sided just like the original; so it will fold close. Things like the door that was in the back of the original. Actually having that open and be a real door. It’s pretty huge. You can see He-Man there. In-scale.

Should I move on to the interior? So here’s the in-progress interior. I know it’s kinda small, but you’ll see it at our booth and as well as on Matty later on. So you can see we’re looking at three different levels there. The original had two levels. So it’s going to be the bottom, the dungeon, the throne room level, and then the top level. You’ll see it’ll run across the top. It’ll be kinda like Helms Deep in Lords of the Rings there; you have everyone on top throwing stuff over, trying to defeat Skeletor.

We’re looking at a little secret chamber inside of the crown that will hold the orb. You have the orb. We’re looking at the throne, weapons, and the chains there in the dungeon. Hopefully there’ll be an opening door to the dungeon like in the prototype. The trap door.

Do you guys [Four Horsemen] want to talk a little bit about what we’re seeing here?

Horsemen: Well some of these blue prints. It’s the first time we’re actually seeing them.

Toy Guru: Yeah, yeah, that’s’ true.

Horsemen: That’s pretty impressive.

Toy Guru: Yeah, these blueprints were done by Ruben and his team based on the Horsemen’s original concept. The horsemen did design this, but we took it to the next level because we really had to spec it out to figure out the cost. We’re hoping we can put even more into this but we know at minimum this is what you’re going to get. So you can see dimensions are called out. We’ll have this up in the booth so you can see all the details I know it’s hard to read some of the fine print there where you’re sitting…

In scale to the original… I can tell you the original castle goes up to the eyeballs of this one. That’s how big this thing is. It is huge. I mean you’re gonna need a new room. So clear off… you don’t need a bed or a kitchen table, just a podium for this thing.

Audience Question: Can you read the dimensions?

Toy Guru: Let’s see… Oh gosh, you know what, I can’t even see on my computer screen, but this is going to be up in the booth when you guys get back. So you’ll be able to go up and see it.

Audience Question: Is it hinged?

Toy Guru: Yes it is hinged. So it will open just like the original and we’re looking at… you can see in the top picture there, there’s sort of a triangle piece that gets added in after you swing it open to extend the bottom level. Do you see what I’m talking about in the top image? That pie piece. And I believe that pie piece is gonna have a little knob in it that you can plug the Wind Raider in so you can hide your wind raider inside the castle. We’re really trying to put everything we can into this. There might be more, but there won’t be less.

Audience Question: Wait, did you just spoil something? You said you could put the Wind Raider in there.
Toy Guru: Yes

Audience Question: Did you spoil a vehicle?

Toy Guru: Pardon

Another Audience Member: There already is one?

Audience Comment: Oh yeah, I’m sorry.

Toy Guru: You mean the Wind Raider that came out a year ago? I hope I didn’t spoil that. The one that’s on sale right now? You thought I said Talon Fighter didn’t you?

Audience Comment: Yeah
Toy Guru: I didn’t.Alright so you can put your Attack Trak with it? (laughs)

Toy Guru: What are the other things… you can also see the ledge there on the side. One of the other things we’re looking at is having a secret door out to the ledge too. So there’ll be a secret door out the back. A secret door to the ledge.And the throne, the dungeon trap, the weapons.Yeah, you name it.

So, we’re going to keep trying for more and more into this, but this is the base of what you’re going to get. $250. It’s going to be worth it guys, it’s going to be worth it, really really worth it.

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