Toy Guru Update 10/18

Toy Guru has posted three new answers in response to collector questions at Mattycollector:

Thermometer Clarification

Question: Just curious, and it may be a stupid question, but the pre-order thermometer seems vague. Does the entire meter need to be red, or just to the red arrow pointing to it off to the side, reading “goal.” If the latter, then as of this entry, we appear to be around 25%…

Toy Guru: You are correct! The meter to the top is over our goal. We are 24% to our min needed order.

Castle Grayskull Jawbridge Question

Question: Holy craB! Grayskull (The Castle) is a possibility! Looking at the sketches I’ve noticed something: The Castle’s Jawbridge appears to be like The Vintage Version with the Sword unlocking Mechanism… If the Jawbridge is meant to open up by inserting a Power Sword I fear that the Paint on the blade Might Scratch off…

Now with that said: CAN WE GET AN UNPAINTED POWER SWORD WITH THE CASTLE to use as a “Master Key” so we don’t risk peeling off paint from the other MOTUC Power Swords? assuming the Castle gets made, of course.

Toy Guru: We’ll make sure the Jaw Bridge also opens without a sword (if there is even a sword opening mechanism; which we don’t know at this time, it may just be a hole to insert a sword and pretend it is magically opening up the Jaw, beyond the elevator and doors that open/close their may not be too many “action features” built into the Castle. This helps us keep it at 250.00)

Please help! CG shipping costs refund is NOT a solution for international customers!

Question: when preordering Cstle Grayskull I was among the first few who were charged the wrong (higher) shipping costs. matty’s customer service tells me the money will just be refunded when the Castle ships.

This, however, is NOT a sufficient solution for this issue. We international fans urgently NEED a new invoice and a correct bill with our order as the shipping costs are added to the amount of customs duty we have to pay. If the invoice says $198.75 instead of $94.60 we will have to pay a considerably higher amount of customs duty.

We need a new invoice and a corrected bill/packaging list with the correct amount.
I mean honestly, how hard can it be for CS to just change the shipping costs to the correct amount?

Toy Guru: We’re working with CS And ideally they will reach out to every customer who ordered under the higher weight, cancel the order an help them place a new correct one personally. This is an easy fix. Just give us some time but we’ll correct this. We’re on it.

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