“The Fight for Grayskull” Photocomic

One of my favorite regulars over at IAT, Beedo Sookcool has posted a great photocomic at CreatureCantina.com. The comic, The Fight for Castle Grayskull packs a lot of the information about the Castle & pre-order into a fun to read form, but more importantly, it’s hilarious! Continue to Creature Cantina!

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Sizing Up the Castle 10/29

Like everyone else, I’m crossing my fingers for a big thermometer update this afternoon, but I didn’t want to wait around all day to post something new, so it seemed like a good time for a new scale shot with our to-scale facade!

As you can see, today we’re getting a little comparison help from another of Mattycollector’s larger items, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man! Read More…

Rudy Obrero tapped for Grayskull Box Art!

A nice piece of Castle Grayskull news coming from Mattycollector’s Facebook Page! I think most of us expected that Castle Grayskull would be packaged in a window-less box, but Mattel has upped their game by announcing that Rudy Obrero, the designer of the original packaging, will also handle the art duties for the new piece! My first reaction? “Now I have to keep the box!!”

If you’re a MOTU fan, chances are you’re more than familiar with Rudy Obrero’s work, but check out Rudy Obrero Illustrations for some great examples of his professional work!

He-Man.Org Q&A with Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich

He-Man.Org & Pixel-Dan.com have posted their Q&A with Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich! Twenty-two questions have been answered about the upcoming project. Check out them at the Org or Dan’s site!

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Toy Guru Update 10/26

Toy Guru has posted some new answers in response to collector questions at Mattycollector:

Secret Orb room of Castle Grayskull follow up

Question: I’m sorry TG, I’ve got a follow up question. Does Castle Grayskull come with the orb and the orb stand or do we have to get King Grayskull and TOD Sorceress for that? Many thanks in advance. Read More…

Thermometer Update 10/26

Another notch for the Castle’s belt in this small update, but it’s an important one as it has put us over the 50% mark!

You can pre-order the Castle at Mattycollector.com.

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Sizing Up the Castle 10/26

Today, we’re debuting a new feature at CastleGrayskull.Info! While it’s not as fancy as the official “Matty Foam Mock-Up”™, we’ve crafted our own scale mock-up of the front of Castle Grayskull using the blueprints provided by Mattel. It’s still a black & white, work-in-progress, but we thought you’d like to see it anyway. And not to change the subject to baseball, but how ’bout them Giants? Read More…

Interview: Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich

This week, CastleGrayskull.Info had the opportunity to chat with Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich, Mattel Brand Manager for MOTU Classics, about the Castle Grayskull pre-order!

CastleGrayskull.Info: Scott, how excited are you at the prospect of Castle Grayskull being made? For many collectors, this playset has been the line’s impossible dream. Did you always think that we could get to this point or was it just a dream you had for the line as well? Read More…

Got Questions about Castle Grayskull?

Pixel Dan and He-Man.Org are taking questions for an impromptu Q&A with Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich. Regular Orgers are encouraged to post in the thread at He-Man.Org , but Pixel Dan is graciously accepting questions for non-forum members at his fantastic site. If you’ve got questions, get them in early! The questions will be compiled & pared down to a Top 20 sometime tomorrow.

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Thermometer Update 10/24

I almost missed this small increase, but today’s update brings us that much closer to Castle Grayskull!

You can pre-order the Castle at Mattycollector.com.

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